An Apple fan? You might be fluttering around the possible forums broadcasting Apple’s ventures. And the possibility is that you’ll be knowing about all the suspected terms, iCar, Apple Car and most probably the Project Titan.

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Will there or will there won’t an Apple Car is the biggest question lurking these days. Till date Apple hasn’t commented to officially endorse its upcoming car project, now the debate of self-driving car is absolutely different as the patent acquired by Apple describes a number of methods a self-driving car can use. Yet, it seems that Apple has opened its mind to get an insight into the automotive industry. Mac Rumors has even reported that the iEmpire once consisting of 200 employs is looking to expand its team with approximately 1,000 employees. And you can’t expect Apple to compromise on the standards as the latest hire consists of the names who’ve previously worked for automotive giants like GM, Ford, VolksWagen, and Tesla.

While automatic doors, spherical wheels, and an augmented reality interior could be the possible features the Apple’s future car could offer, this iCar reportedly releasing in 2021 is no longer a secretive project.

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