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Most Android users out there rely on online music streamers like Google Play Music, Spotify, or Pandora. All these aforementioned music players are the coolest players one could ask for. However, it isn’t always the case that you have access to the internet. And if it isn’t so then you aren’t always the one intended to stream music.

The other case is when you have default music player in your Android phone, but you might be a person looking for some feature intensive music player. The reason might be that you do not like the interface of the default music player or you aren’t satisfied with the quality of equalizer that it possesses.

The reason could be any either you’re fed up with your phone’s default music player or aren’t intended to stream every time you’re listening to music. In short, whether you’re a music freak or a casual listener our list of some best android music player apps is on your way to upgrade your listening experience.

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1. Poweramp Music Player

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Poweramp Music Player

Poweramp is a powerful android music player app. This app has been the choice of millions of Android users out there. So, if you’re one tired of your built-in music player’s interface, Poweramp is for you. This app possesses an intelligent interface. This efficient music player allows you to choose the theme of your choice. Moreover, its 10 band optimized graphical equalizer is there for all supported formats.

The player works like any other decent music player out there. It sorts music out by tags such as artist, genre, and album. The free version lets you enjoy Music on a trial base of 15 days. In my opinion, if you’re one intended to pay for a music player, Poweramp is the best one to spend money on.

2. MediaMonkey Music Player

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Mediamonkey Music Player

Next music player on our list is MediaMonkey Music Player. This player is worthy of all the bells and whistles that it is receiving. The app is specifically designed to manage and sync large music collections. Moreover, it’s also operational in handling podcasts, audiobooks, and video content.

And what makes this music player even more exciting is its ability to sync music library from your computer. This way it saves you from the hassle of copying your entire music list from PC to your android phone. Chromecasting, home screen widgets, and sleep timer are some out of many pragmatic features that this music player is offering. Its free version is also there, but the paid one allows you to exploit all the features to its fullest.

This app is the best choice for the ones who are a fan of the simple and neat interface.

3. Musicolet Music Player

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This list of best Android Music Player apps is being designed to ameliorate your music listening experience. And the next hero in our list is Musicolet Music Player.

Its ad-free, easy to use experience is what makes the many Android users its fan. You can control your music list with the headphone button. A simple click is required to either play or pause the track while a double click is necessitated to move to the next one. Want to go back to the previous track? No worries when triple click on the button can take you to the previous one.

This lightweight music player is also characterized as the only music player that patronizes multiple music queues. Moreover, you do not need any internet connection while using this app as it is designed to use while being completely offline.

So what more to ask for when a free music player is offering such handy features.

4. PlayerPro Android Music Player

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PlayerPro Music Player

Not a renowned one, but a highly recommended music player app for all the Android users out there is PlayerPro music player.

This music player offers many exciting features including Google chromecast, a rare 10 band equalizer, Android Auto, widgets, and many material design skins. Its beautiful interface makes everything look cool and easy to use. The player is fun to use as shaking the phone allows you to change the track. A free version of PlayerPro is there to get the demo. But, 4.99$ isn’t too much if you want to enjoy all the striking features that this music player is offering.

5. Phonograph Music Player

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Phonograph Music Player

Something that incites to your eyes attracts you towards that object. Phonograph is designed with one such intent. It’s beautiful yet classic material design makes it a success. The dramatic change in colors is designed to match that of album’.

This lightweight music player is quick and easy to use. Phonograph not only allows creating and editing playlists but also allows you to customize the player according to your needs.

And the best thing about this music player is that it is completely free and does not contain any ads. So, don’t procrastinate. Download this best Android music player app and enjoy some biggest music hits right now.

6. BlackPlayer Android Music Player

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Now let’s move to the player that minimizes the distance between you and your favorite music. BlackPlayer is one such best android music player that is loaded with loads of features.

Haven’t you got the clue about the color of its interface from the name of the player? You got it right. It’s black. It’s simple. And it’s completely customizable. Its customizable user interface allows the user to control the player as he likes.

An equalizer, an ID3 editor, gapless playback, sleep timer, Visualizer and bass booster is what a music freak can ask from a music player. The free version of this heavenly simple music player is definitely worth a try. But, don’t hesitate to pay 2.99$ for BlackPlayer pro as it will provide you with far more features as compared to the free one.

7. Rocket Player

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Rocket Player

The list features another completely free music player and it is named as Rocket Player. It offers a bright and clean interface. Moreover, the app is easy to use and extremely well put together.

The player has a ton of features including 10 band graphic equalizer, tag editing, 30+ themes, scrobbling support, chromecast support, gapless playback, podcast bookmarking, and sleep timer. Although the app is completely free, an in-app purchase may be required if the frequent ad popping bothers you. You can sync your iTunes Library to Rocket Player by subscribing to cloud backup.

In short this feature intensive music player, in my opinion, is definitely worth giving a try.

8. Neutron Music Player

C:\Neutron Player.jpg
Neutron Player

Another rock star app in our list of best android music player apps is Neutron. This music player is a professional player for audiophiles. Neutron features 32/64 bits audio processing. And it renders platform and OD independent audio processing. The app consists of many exciting features including many DSP settings to support surround sound, a built-in equalizer, and multiple playback modes.

This app is a bit expensive, but its diverse features provide it the leverage to be tried by the user for at least once.

9. Shuttle Music Player

C:\Shuttle Music Player.jpg
Shuttle Music Player

This excessively lightweight and efficient music player definitely deserves a place in the list of best free android apps of 2018.

Shuttle is a modern material design. It consists of numerous enthralling features such as automatic art work downloading, customizable widgets, gapless playback, multiple theme options, last.fm scrobbling, and automatic artwork downloading.

Its pro version is also there that possesses chromecast support, plenty of theme options and folder browsing. So, if you’re a music lover, shuttle music player is a must-have player for you.

10. Pulsar Music Player

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Pulsur Player

Pulsar is undoubtedly one best music player app available on Google Play Store.  This is an ad-free powerful app with material design. A beautiful user interface, easily manageable music lists, gapless playback, Android auto support, chromecast, Last.fm scrobbling, and built-in tag editor are the qualities that make this player class apart among the ecosystem of other Android music players.

This music player is best for the ones who are seeking some lightweight players. Its pro version is also there and provides you with a variety of features to enjoy with as low as $1.99 subscription.

So, here is the list of some best android music player apps. If you feel we’ve missed some important player, do let us know in the comments section. And we’ll definitely include that player in our list.

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