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It is hard to imagine the number of Android apps that we have. And finding the best app from this never ending stream of android apps is as difficult as to choose the best phone from the Android ecosystem. Tons of the available apps, either free or the ones costing cents, are being downloaded millions and billions of times. However, a huge quantity of apps doesn’t mean that all the apps are of superior quality. So, in order to make sure that you have your hands on the right kind of apps, we have a list of best free android apps that you should install right now.

And these amazing apps provide manifold advantages as they supercharge your smart phones without costing any buck.

1Weather: Widget Forecast Radar

image of 1Weather Widget Forecast
1Weather Widget Forecast Radar

If you aren’t intended to pay fortunes as buying an expensive smartphone (Look at Pixel 2 XL, a phone coming at $849) has cost you an arm and length, 1Weather app is for you. It is a complete weather app that one can long for. Its specifications include providing far ranging information such as current weather conditions, weather forecasts, predictions, radar, meteorological facts, charts, graphs, sun and moon tracker, and much more. The app meets all your weather needs in a beautiful package. And it also provides the facility to share the weather conditions with your friends either through email or through social media. So, get set and make 1Weather your weather app today.

LastPass Password Manager

LastPass Password Manager

Are you tired of securing your passwords and important credentials? LastPass seems the last resort as this password manager can keep you safe from this hassle. LastPass is a mobile password vault that encrypts and stores your passwords and auto-fills information for all your online accounts. All you need to manage is your LastPass master password or fingerprint. A recent development is cross-platform syncing that allows syncing your password vaults between devices such as PC, Mac or iPhone, along with sharing between your android phone and tablet. So, install LastPass and save yourself from this passwords managing fiasco.

SHAREit : Transfer & Share

SHAREit: Transfer & Share

You might have come across this notion, “sharing is caring”. SHAREit is one such application that has made sharing easy. It allows you to share anything that you want and whoever you want to share with. This app has been included in the list of best free android apps as it supports a wide variety of file types including audio, video, images, documents, apps, and much more. It creates a direct wireless connection instead of using general Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and can connect with up to 5 devices.

Reverse Dictionary

Reverse Dictionary

Are you stuck finding an appropriate word for a scenario, definition or situation stuck in your herd? Don’t fret because reverse dictionary is there to provide a list of potential words fitting the description. You just need to type in the definition and Reverse Dictionary will provide the list of related words matching your description. Your description could be of any length, i.e. a few words, a sentence or even a single word. However, it is good to keep it precise in order to get the best possible results. It is included in the list of best free android apps because this dictionary expedites the frustrating task of recalling the right word to communicate your thoughts.

Maps: Navigation & Transit

Google Maps

Google Maps is a mapping powerhouse app that provides features such as GPS navigation, traffic transit, and details about millions and trillions of places. The app makes navigating the world much faster and easier. So, whether you’re out strolling places, having a long road trip or commuting to your workplace, Google Maps is always on your side. And it covers 220 countries and territories.

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle

Amazon’s Kindle app for android provides an easy and prompt access to millions of books. The app lets users to access their digital library through all the mobile devices. The application lets you adjust the font size, background and other features as per your assistance. Automatic syncing of reading progress across all your devices, bookmarking and note taking help making this app among the best free android apps. A built-in dictionary, Wikipedia and Google searches add icing on the cake. So, if you aren’t happy spending fortunes in the Kindle marketplace, a variety of public domain ebooks and some free ebook promos are there to make you happy.

Zedge: Ringtones & Wallpapers

Zedge Ringtones and Wallpapers

Having Zedge in your cellphones provides the solution to all your needs such as wallpapers, notification tones, ringtones, and alarm tones. One can browse categories having numerous HD wallpapers and ringtones that match the needs of every person out there. And the genres include a wide variety of options ranging from fantasy to mainstream to funny to whatever you want to browse. Finding stuff on Zedge is also very simple. Moreover, it allows users to add content so there is a lot of variety over here. So, go ahead and install the app as it is free and doesn’t include the hassle of creepy in-app purchases.

Adobe Scan: PDF Scanner, OCR

C:\adobe scan.jpg
Adobe Scan

If you want an easy to use portable scanner, you’re one step away from getting that. With Adobe Scan, scanning is simple and quick. The scanner can capture anything with precision and the advanced image technology detects and sharpens the borders automatically. Moreover, the app has made editing, cropping and rotating the image very easy. The scan can also be turned into high quality Adobe PDF that can unlock content through automated text recognition. So, go ahead and install the app to have the ultimate scanning experience without spending even a penny.

Firefox Focus: The privacy browser

Firefox Focus

Are you the one spending lots of time on web browsing? Do you want to have the fastest browsing experience? If the answer to these questions is a yes, you should probably download Firefox Focus. The app is being included in the list of best free android apps because this fast and simple browser keeps your data private and secure. The app loads the pages quickly and saves you from the hassle of add-ons. The blocking option of ad trackers, social trackers, and the likes lets the web pages to load faster. Easy erasing of passwords and cookies lets you not to be followed by unwanted ads.

Google Drive Suite

Google Drive Suite

The suite consists of a group of applications that are connected to the Google Drive. These great android apps are free unless your storage needs exceed 15GB. Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Photos, and Google Slides are being included in the app along with the actual Google Drive app. The apps are mostly used for office chores such as for documents and spreadsheets, etc. However, it can also be used for note takings and storage of your files. So, download now and manage your tasks easily with these handy apps.

Avast Mobile Security – AppLock and Antivirus

Avast Mobile Security

This mobile security and antivirus app provides security for the android phones. We’ve included Avast Mobile Security in our list of best free android apps because it is the world’s most trusted antivirus application for android phones. The app helps securing your phones from scammed emails, phone calls, messages and websites. The extra features include Wi-Fi vulnerability protection, call blocking and app locking.

Spotify Music

Spotify Music

The ultimate music app, Spotify, is usually characterized as a synonym to the world of music. The app is now free on mobile and tablet. However, a $9.99 subscription is required if you want to save the songs for offline listening. The songs’ library consists of approximately 20 million sound tracks. And it is up to you to either listen to a ready- made playlist or enjoy personalized music!

ES Disc Analyzer

ES Disc Analyzer

Efficiently built ES Disc Analyzer is a tool that helps you manage your disc space efficiently. The users with 16GB of storage must be well aware of the struggle to manage their phone’s storage. The app helps freeing space by identifying the unnecessary files and apps. The space saving feature also compresses images to save data. As the objective of the app is to save your phone’s space, it provides a vivid picture of where your phone’s storage is heading and what you can do about it.



Nominated for Google Play’s best app award, Fabulous is a self-improvement app that aims at rejuvenating your mind and body. The app was incubated at Duke University’s Behavioral Economics Lab. We’ve included this app in the list of best free android apps because it motivates the users to achieve goals like weight losing, adopting a better sleep routine, and an improved concentration guide. Moreover, it schedules relative notifications to build a healthy lifestyle.


Tubio App

The app helps to get audio and video content from your cellphone to your television. Tubio consists of a built in web browser to find content and playback controls. The application automatically discovers the TVs around you and makes you enable to stream using your cellphone. It is a cool app that enables your phone to control the volume through the volume buttons. And can enjoy unlimited fun videos from YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo, and the likes. And a plus is that you can use your phone without intruding the current playback.

The fight of android apps is similar to the fight of smartphones in the android ecosystem. You often get stuck while choosing the best one in the Pixel 2 XL vs. Galaxy Note 8 competition. Likewise there is a possibility that you get strayed in the arena of numerous android apps. In the article we have made an attempt to list the best free android apps. If you feel that we have left any important app, feel free to tell us in the comments section and we will incorporate that in the article.

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