So the market is in competition and every manufacturer is in the race to bring up with something innovative. The conventional android and iOS conflict doesn’t seem ending any time in the near future as both big fish, Samsung and Apple, have introduced new devices and somehow upgraded the previous models. Although ultimate big screen phone, Galaxy Note 8, has the specs like 6.3-inch screen, S Pen and new dual cameras, iPhone 8 Plus is also an enthralling phablet encompassing Apple’s new and powerful A11 Bionic processor, improved dual cameras, wireless charging and many more competitive features. So, the Galaxy Note 8 vs iPhone 8 Plus battle would be very interesting as both competitors have introduced the best smartphones of their kind.

There is a debate going on that whether it is Samsung’s chance to win back its lost customers and market share after the huge blunder in its note series or Apple, who’s skipped 7s series owing to its 10th anniversary, is expected to have all those whistles and praises from its customers. Therefore, today I’m going to do a comparison, highlighting the pros and cons, of the Galaxy Note 8 and iPhone 8 Plus and will tell the reasons that provide an edge to one phone over the other.

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Galaxy Note 8 vs iPhone 8 Plus: A Quick Comparison

Galaxy Note 8 iPhone 8 Plus
Price $930-$960 $799-$949
CPU Snapdragon octa-core 835 A11 bionic (6 core chip)
Weight 6.9 ounces (195 grams) 7.13 ounces (202 grams)
Dimensions 6.4 x 2.9 x 0.34 inches 6.24 x 3.07 x 0.30 inches
Display 6.3inches (2960 x 1440 pixel) OLED 5.5inches (1920 x1080 pixel)LCD
Finish Midnight Black, Orchid Gray Gold, Silver, Space Gray
Storage 64GB 64GB, 256GB
Battery 3,300mAh, Wireless charging 2,675mAh, Wireless charging
Front Camera 8-MP f/1.7 7-MP f/2.2
Rear Camera Dual 12-MP cameras 12MP wide angle and telephoto

Galaxy Note 8 vs iPhone 8 Plus: Which phone is the boss when it comes to design?


Extremely appealing Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has got a huge curved 6.3-inch display that is something to cheer for its fans as it has the ability to outright other smartphones by giving more screen real estate to the users.

Infinity display that was previously featured on the Galaxy S8 is there on Galaxy Note 8 as well. So the luxury to enjoy majority of the screen, as the home screen button has been scrapped and fingerprint sensor is moved to the back, is there in Galaxy note 8.

Another hallmark in this new design is that barely any manufacturer has managed to copy the design. Although the upcoming iPhone X has this attribute, but iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, the successors of iPhone 7, still feature the home button with the same large forehead and chin. Moreover, iPhone 8 features 4.7-inch display and iPhone 8 Plus has 5.5-inch display. So, the iPhone 8 Plus is lagging behind when we compare its display with Galaxy note 8’s ‘Infinity Display’.

Apple claims that iPhone 8 Plus has the most durable glass ever used on a phone. So, durability is a key here in iPhone 8 Plus and Apple is also offering three colors, i.e. Silver, Gold and Space Gray as compared to Galaxy Note 8’s Midnight Black and Orchid Gray. Both phones are water resistant. However, Samsung has outranked Apple since the iPhone 8 Plus has more width and weight as compared to Galaxy Note 8 (3.1 inches and 7.13 ounces versus 2.9 inches and 6.9 ounces).

Specs of Galaxy Note 8 vs iPhone 8 Plus: Which phone is more powerful?

So, the report is that iPhone 8 Plus has crushed the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in several benchmark tests for speed and performance. Tom’s Guide compared the iPhone 8 Plus to its biggest competitor Galaxy Note 8 and came to the conclusion that the new powerful A11 bionic processor, having 6-core chip, has thumped Samsung’s Snapdragon octa-core 835 chip in both synthetic criterion and a demanding real-world test. The 6-core chip even matches Intel Core’ i-series in short-term performance. And Guys, it also has this ability to beat the laptops like MacBook pro and Dell XPS 13!!

C:\Users\Ayesha\Downloads\geek bench tom.jpg

According to Geekbench 4 that measures overall performance, the iPhone 8 has scored 10,170, as compared to the Galaxy Note 8’s 6,564 points. Moreover, the 3DMark Ice Storm Unlimited, that is used to measure graphics might, is telling the similar story. According to that the iPhone 8 plus has hit 64,412 blowing away the Galaxy Note 8’s 39,834 points. Apple has also included a 3-core GPU in iPhone 8 Plus. It is a surprising inclusion by Apple as it will be supporting 30 percent faster graphics.

Now coming to the storage, it can be seen that Samsung’s latest flagship, i.e. the Galaxy Note 8 comes with 64GB of storage, which can be characterized as generous storage offering by the company, but it has a drawback as you can’t upgrade the storage except through a MicroSD card insertion. On the other hand, Apple offers both 64GB and 256GB storage options. However, it does not have this ability to upgrade storage through a MicroSD card.

Talking about S-Pen stylus and a built-in iris scanner, the Galaxy Note 8 comes with these specs. Although the iPhone X has a Face ID scanner, this feature is not present within the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. So touch ID is the main security feature in iPhone 8 Plus as that of its predecessors. And Note 8 has the imperiousness of Face Id scanner over iPhone 8 Plus.

Apple has also introduced wireless charging option in the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. This is something big because Apple phones are finally able to catch up Samsung’s wireless charging spec. And both the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus support the Qi standard for wireless charging. So, wireless charging is something that can bid farewell to the lightning cables! One more twin feature besides wireless charging is Bluetooth 5.0 wireless technology that is present in both the iPhone 8 Plus and Galaxy Note 8.

Galaxy Note 8 vs iPhone 8 Plus: Which camera performs better?


I guess Apple has an edge when we look into the cameras of Galaxy Note and iPhone 8 Plus. Both phones have dual cameras and both have the ability to blur out the background. However, there can be only one winner. And looking into the comparisons one may conclude that the iPhone 8’s dual camera provides better contrast and depiction to the pictures as compared to Note 8. As the shots taken from the later look a bit washed out.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 has the best dual cameras in terms of feature availability and flexibility. However, iPhone 8 Plus is slantingly ahead of the Note 8 in terms of providing vibrant colors and imperious contrast. So, the iPhone is clearly the maestro in this face-off.

Battery, Value and Other Special Features: Which phone comes on the top?

Battery Capacity: Galaxy Note 8 vs iPhone 8 Plus

Both, the Note 8 and iPhone 8 Plus have this ability to last full day on a single charge. However, an exception for the demanding users who have to charge their phones before the end of the day. And both phones carry good battery capacity. There is a 2,675mAh battery on the iPhone 8 Plus and a 3,300mAh battery on the Note 8. Both phones possess the feature of wireless charging and both support fast charging as well.

Cost Comparison: Galaxy Note 8 vs iPhone 8 Plus

The Galaxy Note 8 ranges from $930 to $960 and costs around $130 more than an iPhone 8 Plus. Moreover, one can get an iPhone 8 Plus having 256GB of memory for $949. And the phone is relatively cheaper as Note 8 with way less internal storage, i.e. 64GB costs $960. MicroSD card’s insertion can upgrade the Note 8’s memory to 256GB. But this card doesn’t come for free as the buyer has to spend an extra $129 to $149 to purchase that.

Other Features

The Note series of Samsung Galaxy comes with a pen and following the legacy, Note 8 also features an S Pen. One can take out the pen and can write on the screen, the feature termed as Screen off memo. This feature is a great help for artists as drawing and sketching has become much easier with this pen. And iPhone, on the other hand, does not possess this feature.

The Galaxy Note 8 possesses the facial recognition feature to unlock the phone. However, with iPhone 8 Plus one gets just Touch ID up front. Although the upcoming iPhone X does have the facial recognition unlocking, but the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, that are following the legacy of iPhone 7, lack facial recognition feature.

The iPhone 8 Plus owns some special features including its support for augmented reality apps. The Note 8 lags behind the iPhone 8 Plus in this prospect. But it will get this feature sometime in the near future through Google’s ARCore technology.

Concluding Remarks


Looking into the Galaxy Note 8 vs iPhone 8 Plus war, one can say that the iPhone 8 Plus and Galaxy Note 8 have technically tied. You can’t go wrong with either of the phablet. So, it is your personal choice to choose the one that suits you best!!

The Galaxy Note 8 beats iPhone in some areas. While the 8 Plus is surmounting Note 8 on the other areas. So, the Note 8 is a good option if you are looking to use the S Pen. Or the ones who prefer split-screen multitasking. It would also be a good option for the people strafed with notifications. Because  it would be easy to deal the situation with an Android phone.

And the iPhone 8 Plus is recommended to the ones intended to experience fast performance (thanks to A11 bionic chip set) with less money. Moreover, if you are a gaming freak or the one looking for high quality camera (as iPhone has a slight edge over Note 8 in the camera face-off), the iPhone 8 Plus is recommended to you.

So come down to the comments section and tell which phablet you prefer.


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