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Smartphones are so good these days. With so many best smartphones available, choosing the one fulfilling your needs is a challenging task. However, don’t fret as we’re here to help you get the best new smartphone for you.

With excellent smartphones ranging from flagships to mid-range phones, selecting the one encompassing your needs is an arduous task. You may be one looking for a flagship from Apple, Samsung or Google, or could be one looking for a high quality budget phone. I can’t tell you which smartphone you should get as we all have different needs. However, I can definitely provide you with a list of dos and don’ts that you can follow while buying a new smartphone. And that, I believe, would be of great help. So, carry on reading the article if you’re struggling to choose a smartphone.

Which Operating System Are You Looking For? Android or iOS

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Operating System

Before choosing any smartphone, an important thing is to get your priorities straight. A smartphone is kind of a computer that helps you manage your day to day tasks. And how do you use your smartphone is actually linked to which operating system you prefer.

If you’re struggling to choose between the two operating systems, Android or iOS, this quick guide could be helpful for you. iOS is relatively easy to use. Moreover, it gets both the apps and updates first as compared to an Android device. Android, on the other hand, possesses more hardware choices and more affordable options. Moreover, Android is an open operating system that lets you customize your phone with some best Android launchers and widgets available.

If you’re looking for an iPhone

iOS is relatively easy to use operating system. The updates come almost at the same time on all the iOS devices. Moreover, Apple devices tend to get new apps and games earlier than the Android phones. The latest version of iOS namely iOS 11 offers many useful options such as the ability to edit live photos, a more useful control center, and a revamped app store.

Although older iPhones are cheaper they are under the risk of not getting software support. So, do not go for older iPhones, as with Apple not upgrading software for the older iPhones means that these devices will no longer get the security patches and official bug fixes.

If you’re looking for an Android Phone

Android provides the flexibility and freedom of choice when it comes to functionality, value options, specifications and capabilities. However, before buying an Android device you should probably check out the history of Android. Marshmallow, Nougat, and Lollipop, etc. are different versions of Android OS. Each OS offers a unique set of features.

I advise you to buy a smartphone with the latest available OS, i.e. Oreo, Nougat or Marshmallow. Moreover, I advise that you shouldn’t buy the phones having outdated OS namely Lollipop and KitKat.

How Much Money You Should Spend?

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Price of the Phone

Inflationary trends in the cell phone industry are making consumers’ heads and wallets twirling. Therefore, an important factor to consider while purchasing a new smartphone is definitely the Price. How much do you want to spend on a smartphone? Is it going to be a flagship from some renowned manufacturer like Apple, Samsung, or Google or you want to go easy with your budget.

I know setting the budget is not something interesting to do. But it can help you to narrow down the choices available. Let’s say if your buying capacity ranges from $300 to $500, you can ignore more expensive devices. The choice is definitely yours. However, the struggle to pay the high bills should definitely be last on your list while purchasing a smartphone.

Prices of the phones vary from retailer to retailer and so does the discount deals. So, whenever you are buying a smartphone get it from the store offering the lowest price. Moreover, you can check online retailers like Amazon, eBay etc. to compare prices.

Why Being a Brand Snob isn’t Good for You?

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Brand Consciousness

An important thing that you should keep in mind while purchasing a smartphone is keeping your mind open. It means that you should give equal importance to both well-known as well as lesser established brands.

There are plenty of mid-range phone companies including Xiaomi, Huawei, OnePlus, Vivo and others offering somehow same features as that of big brands, but they seldom surface in the headlines. OnePlus 5T, for example, offers similar performance as that of Samsung’s S8. Moreover, is $225 cheaper than Galaxy S8. We all want flagship devices, but an important question is do we really need them?

So, the attitude shouldn’t be that I am buying this smartphone because it’s from Samsung, Google, or any other big name. Instead a company offering both quality and affordability should be given equal importance.

Specs that You Should keep in Mind

Another important thing is to keep a clear idea of specifications and features that you want. The narrower your list is easier it would be to choose the right smartphone. Moreover, it would make it easier for you to choose between the similar devices. For example, you are deciding between Galaxy Note 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. If you prefer split-screen multitasking, or are looking to use the S Pen, Galaxy Note 8 is for you. However, if you’re a gaming freak or looking for a high quality camera phone, then iPhone 8 Plus is a better option. And narrowing down the features according to their order of importance makes the selection process a lot easier.

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Following is the list of specifications that you should keep in mind while buying a new smartphone.


Smartphones’ Designs

There isn’t any set definition of a good or bad smartphone design. Personal taste matters a lot in selecting a smartphone. If you care about aesthetics you should look for a metal or glass design. But if your intention is to save money, you can go for a phone with plastic design.

Phone with a glass back enables the phone to provide wireless charging option. Water resistant phone processes durability. A phone with metal body looks stylish and trendy, but in some cases prevents you from some features such as insertion of micro SD card or removable battery option. With an increasing number of smartphone launches, phones have started resembling each other. And phone’s choice is largely influenced by the marketing campaigns and adverts. But we advise you to choose a phone that is convenient for you to use.

Screen Size and Display Quality

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Screen Size and Display Quality

Bigger screens are in fashion these days. Phablets, smartphones with the display size of 5.5 inch or larger, are great for studying e books, watching videos, and using two apps side by side. Medium screen phones are recommended for the gaming freaks, who want to get lost in the graphics of the latest games. If you intend to use the phone to read Facebook posts or to use WhatsApp, small screen phone is ideal for you. The compact design of the phone is easier to use in your case.

Size of the screen isn’t the only factor as display quality is also an important factor to keep in consideration. First, you have to keep in mind that the smartphone you intend to buy has a panel bright enough to let you read it in outdoors. Second important consideration is the color of the screen. There are two kinds of display technology, AMOLED and LCD. AMOLED displays, those featured in iPhone X and Samsung’s Galaxy line, offer sharper contrast and more saturated colors. LCD screens, on the other hand, are brighter and display content better when in direct sunlight.

Most high quality phones offer QHD resolution and that is almost impeccable.

Camera Quality

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Camera Quality

Cameras have become increasingly important and there is no harm saying that smartphone cameras matter more to people than the processor of a phone. It is the reason that smartphone manufacturers are paying more attention to camera quality, improving image quality, aperture, speed and other features.

More and more smartphones are boosting their cameras with at least 12 MP. But MP isn’t a single benchmark while buying a phone as lens quality, pixel size, optical stabilization, image quality and speed are also equally important. Yes, the outdoor camera samples look good but the real test comes in when you take pictures in low-light and the shots get washed out. Moreover, if it is possible test the phone, you intend to buy, to make sure it captures images quickly. Some cheap phones possess the lag. Therefore, it is advised to buy a phone with a micro SD card insertion slot if you are prone taking tons of pictures.

So whenever you are in a store to buy a new smartphone, just open the camera app and check the brightness and software features for yourself.


Processor of a Phone

Processor is undoubtedly the hub of a device. How much time a phone takes to open the apps, whether it supports quick photo editing or has smoother gameplay, all depends upon a processor’s performance.

Apple’s A11 Bionic processor is the fastest mobile processor by far, that is featured in iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. Among Android phones, Snapdragon 835 chipset is class apart. This chipset allows an excellent gaming performance, and better efficiency leading to longer battery life. The mid-range phones possess Snapdragon 600 series. Meanwhile, Huawei with its Kirin processor is providing good performance to the users.

Geekbench benchmarking tests’ results are helpful to check how a smartphone performs. Yes, the processor is important while determining which smartphone to buy, but it is important to look a smartphone’s performance as a whole while buying a new smartphone.

Battery life

Battery Life

Another extremely important feature while looking for a new smartphone is battery life. There are many factors besides mAH, including screen size, operating system and processor, which determine the battery life of a smartphone. For example screen with higher resolution consumes more battery. Moreover, the latest processors play role in optimizing the battery life.

So whenever you’re looking for a new phone do not be fooled by the higher number of mAH or any tech spec. Rather go for the expert reviews and benchmark results while looking for the battery endurance. Generally a phone that lasts more than 10 hours of straight 4G surfing is considered to have good battery life.

Storage Options

Storage Options

It is a general recommendation to opt for a phone with as much internal storage as possible. 16GB of storage is enough to store plenty of apps. However, if you are used to take lots of pictures, you probably shouldn’t settle on less than 32GB. 64GB is suitable if you have a large music collection and shoot lots of videos and photos. And 128GB is suitable for those who download lots of games and apps and like to record 4K videos.

There is also an option to upgrade the storage through microSDcard insertion. The option is available on several Android phones but one can’t enjoy such leverage if he is an iPhone user.



You can probably call the RAM, inside your phone, the muscle of your phone that is substantial for multitasking. Here’s and easy way to look how much RAM should be there in your new phone. Try to avoid purchasing a phone with 1GB of RAM unless it is cheap smartphone. 2GB is an acceptable level of memory. Latest flagship phones are coming with 4GB of RAM. This is good for switching between apps and multitasking.

Why Considering an Older Version is Beneficial for you?

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Consider an Older Version

Many users, intended to purchase a smartphone, make a common mistake of overlooking the older phones out there. They must keep in mind that a year old smartphone might offer all the features that are there in the gimmick device they are going to buy.

Yes, there are innovations in terms of design change, slightly improved performance or the fancy marketing campaigns and adverts. However, if having a year old device doesn’t bother you then buying it would save you from paying fortunes. For example, instead of going for Galaxy S8 you can buy a year old S7 Edge. It will not only let you enjoy a large display phone but will allow you to pay $500 instead of paying $725. So, when you’re in market for a new phone, make sure to consider the older devices as well.

So, do some research and find a best smartphone. Are there any specific features that you look for in a smartphone? Come down to the comments section and let us know.


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