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It might have happened with many out there that you’ve purchased an app. And after some time you might realize that you don’t like that particular app. Or there may be an intent that this application is of no use. So, the biggest concern in such a situation is the money that you’ve wasted while purchasing that particular app.

If you want to get the money refund, you’ve landed on the right site. As we’ll tell you the ways that will help you get your fortunes back if you’ve purchased a useless app from the Google Play Store. Of course, some terms and conditions would be there but never mind as long as you are getting a Google Play refund.

The process of refund is different for different apps, but one thing that is common is the fact that you have to take action as fast as possible if you want to have a refund.

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Get the Refund for apps, Games, and In-App Purchases

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Google Play Refund

The easiest and undoubtedly the simplest way to get the refund is to directly claim a refund after you’ve purchased a game or an app from Google Play Store. However, there is a limitation. If you don’t like an app you have to make a return within the span of two hours of your purchase. This two-hour window may sound quick, but 15 minutes time is enough, I guess, to make a decision of whether you like an application or not.

If the two hour period has passed you can still get a quick refund of your money, but in this case the process would be a bit different. You’ll be submitting an online form to request a refund. You may have to wait for up to two business days to hear back from Google about your refund.

Remember: You are not liable to use the refund option in case you’re using that particular game or app for the second time. Google has made the second time purchase non-refundable, an attempt made by Google in order to save its refund policy from abuse and misuse.

How to Claim a Refund within Two Hours of Purchase?

  • First, go to the Google Play Store
  • Navigate the game or the app that you want to claim a refund for
  • Simply tap the refund button
  • Follow the instructions that are there on the screen to uninstall the application

How to Claim a Refund Within 48 Hours of the App Purchased?

  • Open your browser and request a refund through this form
  • Scroll through your order history and locate that particular product you want to claim a refund for
  • Click “More” option that is there on the right side of the order
  • Select the option stating “Request a Refund”
  • Fill in the form and wait for Google to respond

Contact the Game or App Developer and Ask for Refund

The chances are that you have missed that 48 hours window and want to return a particular app you’ve purchased. Now when the two-hour returning option and the 48-hour refund claim option is no more applicable, the hope is still not out as you can contact the app developer and request him to give you a refund.

This process of contacting the developer wouldn’t guarantee a refund, but there are chances that you will get your money back. All you have to do is writing to the developer and describing your discontent or dissatisfaction with the particular app. If your reason is genuine enough the developer will look into the issue and will give your money back.

Following are the steps you can follow to contact the developer:

  • Open the Google Play Store
  • Go to the Landing Page of the particular game or application. And scroll down to enlarge the description by clicking “Read More” option
  • Check out the developer’s contact details, Email address in our case
  • Write down to the developer and convince him for the refund

Claim a Refund on eBooks

Google Play Store usually offers a 7-day return policy on eBooks. Moreover, there is 30 days return policy on the books with the educational title. To request a refund, you can follow the following steps:

  • Go to your Google Play Store Account
  • Go to “Order History”
  • make a tap on the vertical dots that are there on the right
  • Report the problem and fill the form to request a refund

Refund for Movies, Music, and TV Shows

If the movie that you’ve purchased is defective, a refund claim can be made within 65 days of your purchase. However, if you’ve made the decision that the movie that you’ve purchased isn’t of your kind, you can claim a refund within 7 days of purchase. Oh! The conditions are there meaning you can only claim a refund if the movie is not being watched. If you start watching it and after the play of like three minutes you feel like returning it, the chances are less likely. And same is the case for the TV shows.

In the case of music, as well, Google will refund your money if a refund claim is made within 7 days of purchase. And the same condition is applied as that of movies and TV shows that the track purchased should not be streamed or downloaded.

You can follow the following steps to claim a refund:

  • Use a browser to log in to your Google Play Account
  • Go into “Order History” look for the product for which you have to claim a refund
  • Click on Menu and select “Report a Problem”
  • Fill out the form to claim a refund

Get Help from Google’s Support Team on How to Claim a Refund

There might be the case that you do not get the developer’s response to your email or the response he has given isn’t satisfactory. In this case, you may contact Google’s Support team.

The condition as mentioned by Google to contact the support team is “If the developer doesn’t have contact information listed, hasn’t responded to your request, or their response was unsatisfactory, contact our support team to see if we can help.”

This contact to the support team might be your last resort to claim a refund on both the app and in-app purchases.

How Much Time Does it Usually Take to Get Your Money Back from Google Play?

Well, it depends as the refunds from the Play Store are send back through the original method by which you paid for the purchase. Therefore, the time to get your refund from the Google Play Store varies. The time for the credit cards and Paypal is usually between 3 to 5 business days whereas a purchase from Google Wallet usually takes a day to send money back to your account.

Have you ever tried to get the refund on your purchases on Google Play Store? How was your experience? Let us know in the comments section.

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