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Today’s smartphones that can alternatively be called as mini computers are processed with numerous features and functions making your daily lives easier. However, all these features and technological advancements come at the cost of something and that cost can be termed as battery exhaustion. The reason of battery exhaustion could be any either an app draining your phone’s battery fast or unnecessary widgets or bombardment of notifications.

So, if you’re also hinged in the queue like many others complaining about their Android phone’s battery exhaustion, carry on reading this article. As it contains all the necessary tips to help you extend your Android phone’s battery life. Off course, it isn’t necessary for you to try them all. Just follow the ones that suit the way you use your Android smartphone. And make your phone’s battery last substantially longer than it usually does.

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Figure Out the Apps Using Major Percentage of Battery Life

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Battery Usage

An important step to extend battery life is figuring out the apps using major percentage of your phone’s battery. Go to Settings> Battery> and check out the apps using major percentage of battery.

After checking bandwidth each application is using, you can force stop any app if necessary. Moreover, you can conserve battery by using alternates of the major battery consuming apps.

If you want to get a detailed report of your phone’s battery usage you can go for any of the apps available on Google Play Store providing details of battery consumption. GSam Battery Monitor is one such app that can provide details regarding battery consumption. The app takes a few days to gather data, but is quite useful if you’re looking for a detailed report.

Reduce the Brightness level

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Brightness Adjustment

There is a direct relation between screen brightness and battery drainage. You can conserve an ample of battery life by reducing the screen brightness level. Just go to settings> Display> and reduce the brightness level to extend your phone’s battery life.

Adaptive or Auto-Brightness, whatever you name it, is also a useful feature that allows the phone to adjust brightness automatically according to the light conditions. So, turn auto brightness on and extend your Android Phone’s battery.

Turn Off Vibrations to Save Battery

Vibration’ Settings

Vibration is a handy feature that allows you to get notified in the situations you aren’t able to hear your phone. However, despite being excessively handy it drains out an ample of your phone’s battery. Similarly there isn’t any need to turn on the vibration if your phone is in ringing mode. All you have to do is go to Settings> Sound> and uncheck the box with the option of “Vibrate on Calls”.

The same rule applies to haptic feedback; a buzzing sound that appears every time you tap on screen keyboard. And turning it off can also help to extend battery life. To turn it off go to Settings> Language and Keyboard> and turn off “Vibration feedback”.

Bombardment of Notifications Isn’t Good for Your Phone’s Battery

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Notifications Settings

No one wants to miss out the updates of latest happening from the apps such as Email and social media account. However, too many notifications are relatively harmful for your phone’s battery. To turn the notifications off go to Settings> Apps> and then disabling the “Show Notifications” option.

You can manually adjust the notification level as well. Just go to Settings> Device> and adjust the notification level to either a battery friendly option or turn it off completely.

Does your phone possess unnecessary widgets?

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Remove Unnecessary Wiggets

Widgets are the real battery killers. The more widgets displayed on your home screen the more power they’ll consume to update data for you. Moreover, you might not want regular updates from your Facebook account or don’t bother to check weather app for days. Therefore, dump unnecessary widgets from your home screen to extend your smartphone’s battery life. All you have to do is press and hold the widget and then drag and drop it to the trash can.

Rooting can also solve your problem

A relatively advanced option, rooting is also there to solve your battery draining problem. The process of rooting varies from device to device. However, a rooted smartphone can get an access to the apps that are specifically designed for rooted phones and can significantly extend your phone’s battery life.

Use Greenify

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Greenify is a useful app that saves your phone’s battery life by putting the apps into hibernation mode. This application works two ways. One, it prevents the apps from running in the background. Two, it also keeps them away from starting until you open them again. All you have to do is selecting the apps that you want to hibernate and the rest would be done by the app itself. And after using the app you will notice a substantial in your smartphone’s battery life.

To use Greenify you have to root your Android device. However, if you aren’t intended to root your phone, Tasker or IFTTT might be good options.

Always Kill Apps after Using

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Killing Apps

Are you interested in finding the ways to preserve your Android smartphone’s battery? Killing the apps might solve the problem. In Android devices, an application keeps on running in the background even you’ve closed it. One way to close the apps is Launching the recently used apps> Scrolling down and selecting the application you want to close> and swiping it either right left or right in order to close it down.

If the abovementioned method isn’t working for your device, Go to your phone’s Settings> Developer Options> Running applications> and close down the active applications.

Try using Ad Free Apps

Ads are also the culprit, as besides being annoying run down an ample of your phone’s battery. Moreover, if you’re using an app on regular basis that contains ads you are deleting your phone’s battery on regular basis. One simple way to get rid of these creepy ads is either switching to the premium version of that particular application or going for an ad free alternative.

Adjust Auto-Lock Time

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Screen Timeout Adjustment

Screen is the major culprit sucking your Android phone’s battery. And you can conserve a lot of battery by keeping it off as much as possible. Simple go to Settings> Display> and change your Screen timeout to as minimum as possible.

Don’t Go for Live Wallpapers

C:Use of Black Wallpapers.png
Black Wallpapers

Live wallpapers seem very catchy to eyes but these fancy wallpapers do not come for free. What you can do to save battery is simply go to Settings> Display> Wallpaper> and select any static wallpaper for your phone.

Choosing black wallpaper is also a good option. As the phones with AMOLED screens the darker the pixels are the lesser battery screen will require lighting up those pixels.

Turn Off Location Services

Location Services

Turning off location data can also have a positive impact on your smartphone’s battery. Try to turn on location services and Bluetooth only when you need them and this step will conserve a lot of battery of your device. Simply go to Settings> Location Services> and turn them off.

Similarly you can switch to the Airplane mode if you’re on a place with poor signal strength to extend your phone’s battery life.

Turn On Battery Saver

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Battery Saver

This is a relatively easier way to conserve battery. Simply go to Settings> Battery> and turn on the battery saver.

Battery saver improves battery performance by limiting location services, unnecessary vibrations, and other background applications. This option gets activated automatically when your phone reaches at 5 or 10 percent battery. However, you can activate it before reaching that minimum battery limit by going into settings of your phone.

Prefer Using Lite Versions of Applications

Lite versions of the applications are also available on Google Play Store. The major advantage of these apps is that they are designed to provide same performance as the original apps but are relatively economical than their counterparts. Facebook, Skype and Messenger all have the Lite versions available on Google Play Store. Gmail, Instagram, etc. doesn’t have the Lite versions, but they have mobile friendly applications that can be accessed through smartphone’s browser.

Turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Cellular Data When not In Use

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Turn Off Unnecessary Connections

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and cellular data all are the major culprits killing your smartphone’s battery. When Wi-Fi is on your phone keeps on searching new Wi-Fi networks that drains out battery.

How can we forget Cellular data while talking about battery killers? The use of 3G or 4G LTE data drains out your phone’s battery fast. So, whenever you don’t need data access try to turn your smartphone’s cellular data off.

Bluetooth also decreases battery life of the phone. GPS drains out battery more quickly when you’re traveling as your phone has to catch up with the changing base stations.

So, turn off Wi-Fi, cellular data and Bluetooth when not in use to avoid faster battery drain.

Avoid Auto-Syncing

C:Auto sync.png
Avoid Auto Sync

There are numerous auto synchronization processes that run in the background and eat both your phone’s battery and data. To turn them off go to Settings> Accounts> turn off the auto sync data. You can also manage the auto syncing for each app manually by turning off the auto syncing for unnecessary services and by adjusting the apps that you want to sync.

Battery Replacement

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Battery Replacement

If any of the abovementioned doesn’t seem working and you’re experiencing abnormal battery drainages you have an option to go for battery replacement. These abnormal battery drainages might happen when your phone is a couple of years old and is dying naturally. If you have a smartphone with removable battery, buying a new battery is simple enough. However, the problem comes in the case of non-removable battery phones. You can replace non-removable batteries as well, but this replacement can void your cellphone’s warranty.

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Try the tips that best suit the way you use you Android phone. Did we miss any important trick? Notify us is the comments section.

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