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Simple ways to improve your iPhone’s battery life

Apple’s iPhone is undoubtedly considered as an incredible machine that allows you to do plenty of tasks. Yes, this tech giant is there to support your numerous tasks but this machine is somehow useless when runs out of battery.

Apple’s most recent update has made many people to report reduced battery life. It is frustrating when you struggle to make your phone’s battery last. Moreover, it isn’t always possible to find a nearby socket to charge your phone. So, if you’re struggling with the battery fiasco, you’ve landed on the right site. This article will provide you with the possible tips and tricks that will help to extend your iPhone’s battery life. Moreover, following all these tips isn’t must. Just go for the ones you feel are compatible with the way you use your phone.

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Turn the Low Power Mode on

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Low Power Mode

Turning on the Low Power Mode is always a handy option when you’re struggling to keep your iPhone alive. Yes, there are cases when you get frequent battery drainages on your iPhone. But, running your phone on low power mode, if not completely, can somehow resolve the problem.

One important thing that you must know is that Low Power Mode isn’t there as a default option in your iPhone. However, it will be offered whenever your phone’s battery reaches 20 percent. However, you can turn this mode on if you feel like your phone’s battery is running out quite frequently. Low Power Mode can be turned on by going to Settings> Battery > and by turning on the Low Power Mode.

Figure out the Apps Using major percentage of your Phone’s battery

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Battery Usage

Next step to extend your phone’s battery is figuring out the apps that are sucking in major percentage of your phone’s battery.

Just go to Settings> General> Battery and check out the battery usage by each app. This step will help you check your battery usage time.

Battery usage time would help you to know how long the phone is being used since the last charge. Moreover, it would provide you with the details of the apps killing your phone’s battery. All you have to do is take some steps and fix the apps draining iPhone’s battery life.

Prevent Frequent Background App Refreshers by turning it off


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Background App Refresh

Background App Refresh is one such feature that is designed with the objective to make your iPhone work smarter. This feature keeps a track of the often used apps along with the time you mostly use those apps. After tracking the necessary information it automatically updates those features so that you always get your hand on the latest information at the time you mostly use that app.

One drawback, off course, of using Background App Refresh is battery drainage. But you can preserve your phone’s battery by turning it off. Simply go to Settings> General> and turn Background App Refresh off. You have the leverage to either turn it off completely or select the required apps with which you want to use this setting.

Keep Wi-Fi off when not in Use

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Disable Wi-Fi

Not using Wi-Fi? That’s great. You can conserve your iPhone’s battery by disabling the Wi-Fi option. One way to get the task done is by going to Settings> Wi-Fi> and disable it whenever you aren’t using it. Also make sure that Ask to Join Network option is turned on. This step will conserve your phone’s battery by not randomly connecting to any Wi-Fi network out there. Another way to disable the Wi-Fi is via control scree. Simply swipe up the screen and tap on the Wi-Fi icon to turn it off.

Turn iCloud off

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iCloud Settings

Want to make your iPhone’s battery last longer? Just make sure that you turn off the apps that you don’t want to get synced with iCloud. It is an evident fact that iCloud uses a generous percentage of your phone’s battery while syncing the apps. However, you can turn off them by going into the settings option.

Just go to Settings> iCloud> and turn off all the apps that you don’t want to get synced via iCloud. Since, the backup works only when your phone is plugged in to a power source, leaving that turned on would not have any effect on battery.

Don’t Quit Apps

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Quitting Apps

One common myth about conserving iPhone battery life is quitting of the apps when you’re done using them. However, this is the case as frequent quitting leads to battery drainage of your iPhone. So, if you’re one intended to extend your iPhone’s battery life, leave this habit of quitting apps as they do the reverse of what you want.

Turn Automatic Updates off

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Automatic Updates

Automatic Updates option kills a huge chunk of your iPhone’s battery. Moreover, your phone might start updating apps at any inappropriate time making the things difficult for you. An easy solution to this problem is turning off the Updates option.

All you have to do is going into the Settings> iTunes and App Store> and turning off the Updates in the Automatic Downloads section.

This simple step will enable you to manage your smartphone’s power appropriately.

 Delete the Major Culprit, Facebook is the app I’m Talking About

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App Activity

Facebook app is the major culprit draining your iPhone’s battery. A report from The Guardian claimed that uninstalling the Facebook app from iPhone can help you conserve up to 15 percent of your phone’s battery. Moreover, instead of using the app, reaching out Facebook from Safari can get the job done for you without killing much of your phone’s battery. Just check out how much battery Facebook and other apps are sucking and try using some alternates to extend your iPhone’s battery life.

Reduce the Brightness Level

Auto Brightness

The brighter screens drain battery faster. Likewise, the higher the brightness the quicker the battery drainage occurs. In order to preserve your iPhone’s battery go to Settings> Display and Brightness> and set your phone’s brightness to the lowest possible level.

One more way to tackle the problem is by turning on Auto-Brightness. Auto Brightness adjusts the screen according to the available light and automatically gets bright in brighter places and dark in darker places.

Disable AirDrop

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Turn off AirDrop

Not using AirDrop? Turning it off would save a lot of battery of your iPhone. AirDrop is a useful feature that allows you to share photos, videos and other files to a nearby iPhone. Despite it is an extremely useful feature, turning it off when not in use can save a lot of battery.

To turn it off swipe up your phone’s screen to bring the Control Centre, and turn it off until you are going to use it.

Turn off Bluetooth

Bluetooth Setting

Bluetooth kills your phone’s battery. So, turn it off until you need to use it. You can get this job done by Going into Settings> Bluetooth> and turn it off. One more way to disable it is by going to Control Centre, and tapping the Bluetooth icon so that it gets grey.

Disable Cellular Data

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Cellular Data

Connecting your iPhone to cellular network means that you connect either to 3G or to 4G LTE. And there isn’t any doubt that using 3G or 4G LTE drains out your phone’s battery faster. So, whenever you don’t need data access try to turning your phone’s cellular data off. This step will not only help you save battery but also a lot of money.

To turn the cellular data off go to Settings> Cellular> and then turn off LTE if you want to confine yourself to slower cellular networks. However, if you want to turn it off completely just slide Cellular data bar until it turns white.

Always Go for Wi-Fi when to Choose Between Wi-Fi and Cellular

Wi-Fi Settings

If you are on a place with an access to Wi-Fi, always make sure that you go for Wi-Fi instead of cellular data. Because cellular data had to search for the stronger connection whenever you’re in outdoors and hence drains your phone’s battery quite quickly. It is also quite evident that cellular data drains off iPhone’s battery faster than a Wi-Fi network. Moreover, if you want to download or upgrade apps, always go for a Wi-Fi connection.

Turn the Volume Down of your iPhone


You might be surprised to know that that Volume also plays a role in draining your iPhone’s battery. So, you can save your phone’s battery by turning the volume down or by going for the use of headphones whenever it is possible. To save battery go to Settings> Music> and turn the Equalizer off.

Try Fixing Auto Lock of your Phone

C:Auto Lock.png

Always make sure that the phone’s screen isn’t awake whenever you aren’t using it. Auto-Lock is a great feature that can help to extend your iPhone’s battery by automatically turning of the screen when you aren’t using it. In your iPhone, set the Auto-Lock to minimum, i.e. 30 Seconds and save a lot of juice out of your cellphone.

To turn it on go to Settings> General> Auto-Lock> and set your phone’s Auto-Lock to 30 seconds.

Turn off Location Services

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Location Services

Turning off location services helps conserving iPhone’s battery because there are apps that are always tracking your location even when they aren’t in use.

So go to Settings> Privacy> and turn off the Location Services by moving the slider to off position.

Avoid the Use of Unnecessary Animations

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Reduce Motion

Animations, no doubt, are an asset of the iPhone. However, they substantially have a negative impact on your iPhone’s battery life. One way to save your phone’s battery is the turning off of parallax effect. To turn it off go to Settings> General> and turn the Reduce Motion to on position by going to Accessibility.

Next step is to choose wallpaper from photos or stills as dynamic wallpapers have negative impact on battery life. Go to Settings> Wallpaper> and choose a wallpaper from either stills or photos.

Turn on Airplane Mode in Areas with Flinty Reception

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Airplane Mode

If you find yourself in the area with poor network or cell service, your phone would use lots of power to find the signals. If you know that signals aren’t coming back any time soon, try to turn your phone to airplane mode to save battery. Just open the Control Centre> and tap the Airplane button to turn it on.

Make Sure your Phone is Upgraded

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Software Upgrade

You might be aware of the fact that a new software update generally fixes the bugs and helps to improve your phone’s performance. Moreover, it can also improve your iPhone’s battery life. So, go to Settings> General> and make sure your software is up to date.

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It isn’t necessary to try all these tricks to extend your iPhone’s battery life. Try the ones that seem appropriate with the way you use your phone. Did we miss any trick? Do notify us in the comments section.

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