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Phone getting drowned in water, I guess, is the biggest nightmare of everyone out there.  You have important files, data and information on your phone and losing them might be your biggest concern. And who can forget about the high fortunes that you’ve paid to purchase your high tech smartphone. The chances are that your phone might render useless unless you possess a waterproof beast like Galaxy S9, iPhone X or LG G7 etc.

The world of smartphones is being revolutionized with the advent of waterproof phones. But not every single person can afford to enjoy this luxury. This scenario simply means that we’ve to find the ways, tips, and tricks that can act as a last resort to save our water damaged phones.

No one can guarantee that your phone will be rescued but following these tips can increase the possibility of your phone getting through the damage. So, if you’re one fretting that how to fix water damaged phone, carry on reading this article as it carries all possible tips and tricks to save your important files and data.

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Don’ts That You Better Not Try While Fixing the Water Damaged Phone!!

  1. Turn your phone off by taking it off the water as soon as possible. The longer the phone remains on the more are the chances of devastation!
  2. Do not heat up your phone in case you’re trying to dry it out. Blow dries are specifically forbidden as it will cause more harm than good to your phone.
  3. Do not shake it up as it will send water into the internal parts of the phone
  4. Pressing any key is also likely to send water into the deeper parts of your smartphone so, avoid doing this as well.
  5. Last but not the least don’t try attaching your phone to any power source.

Disassemble the Damaged Phone

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Disassemble the Phone

Disassembling doesn’t mean that you start taking off all the parts of your phone. Just remove the parts that are user-friendly.  It means that you should remove any protector that you are using to protect either screen or body of the phone. Remove SIM card and microSD cards as well. Just remember that all this is needed to be done without shaking your phone up much. As it will cause more harm than good.

Use Paper Towel and Dab to Dry

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Dry Out the Phone

After removing the entire user-friendly parts use a paper towel or a cloth and dab the phone to make it dry. Try Soaking up as much water as possible without moving your phone too much.

Vacuum Cleaner? Yes, It Can Suck the Water Out of Phone

Vacuum cleaner can also be used to suck out water from the water damaged phone. As the name suggests instead of blowing water into the inner parts of the phone it will try to suck out excess water from your phone. All you need to make sure is that you do not move your phone too much during all this process.

Dry Your Phone Out

This is the part where you have to show utmost patience as drying of the phone may take longer time than expected.  Moreover, shifting to a new phone also cause pain because you cannot use your dear phone for quite a long time.

Removing Excessive Water

There are many ways that can be used to dry your phone. The environment that helps to sock extra water will be most cordial. A common practice in this regard is putting your phone in a place that is filled with uncooked rice as rice is great when it comes to absorbing the excessive liquid. A rice jar or a ziplock full of rice can get the job done.

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Silica Gel Bag

Silica gel can also be used to make your phone dry due to its attribute of absorbing humidity. And these gel packs are also mostly available in the homes as they come with handbags and shoe boxes.

Time to Test Your Phone

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Test the Phone

By now you have done everything that you can do to repair your phone. Take it out of the rice or silica gel bag. Charge it and see if your phone is working or not. If it is working it means all your efforts are paid off. However, just to make sure all the components are doing well take a closer look at your phone’s performance for the next couple of days as there might be any problem with microphone or speakers.

But if it isn’t the case then you better take your phone to a doctor. You got it right.  Take it to a professional and see if the issue can be solved or not.

Hopefully, these steps will help you save your water damaged phone. Do come in the comments section and tell us the steps that you’ve taken to fix your water damaged phone.

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