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Did your shiny Android smartphone turn old? I know a new smartphone can do wonders. How about a relatively older one that has become slow and sluggish? Yes, you might face problems while switching between the apps. Moreover, frequent battery exhaustions might also hit your phone hard. All these problems are common and might be faced by many out there.

You can’t revamp your phone, but can somehow improve its performance. In this article we’ve come up with the easiest things that you can do to stop apps running in background on your Android device and can improve your smartphone’s overall performance in terms of both speed and battery capacity.

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Find out the Culprits

Major step that you have to take before closing the background apps is finding out the culprit. And from pointing out the culprit I mean checking the battery usage of the apps and looking for the Process Stats.

1. Check Out the Apps Using Major Percentage of your Phone’s Battery

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Check Battery Usage

The simplest way to check the apps running in the background is checking out how they’re hitting your phone’s battery. To check this out go to Settings> Battery and check out the apps used the major percentage of the battery since you last charged your phone.

This process will help you find the culprits draining your phone’s battery and making it slower. You can either stop them temporarily or permanently, whatever you find suitable with the way you use your smartphone, by following the steps directed below.

2. Check Out the Process Stats

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Process Stats

Process Stats give you a bit more information than the battery usage. It tells the log of how much processing power an app is using. However, to get an access to process stats you have to have the Developer Access first. There are different methods to get Developer Access depending upon which Android version and which company’s device you’re using.

Following are some different ways you can follow to check out Process Stats.

  • If your phone is running on Android before Marshmallow Go to Settings> About> and tap the Build number 7 times. Once you’re done tapping the build number you’ll get a notification telling that your Developer Access is being enabled. Next step that you have to do is going to Settings> Developer Options> Process Stats> and checking out how much RAM each application is using.
  • In the latest versions of Samsung smartphones you have to head to Settings> Developer Options> and Running Services from where you can find out the list of applications using RAM of your phone.
  • In the case of Stock Android having Marshmallow or above, you can find the process by going into Settings> Memory> and check out the memory used by each app.

Temporary Solution

1. Launching Recent Applications’ Menu and Killing the Apps

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Kill the Apps

If you’ve installed a lot of applications, many of them might start automatically and run in the background. These applications can fill up the RAM and can slow down your Android smartphone. To stop the background apps right now, the process that can solve your problem on temporary basis, you can follow following steps. Just keep in mind that these apps will start running in the background again once you open them.

One way to close the apps is Launching the recently used apps> Scrolling down and selecting the application you want to close> and swiping it either right left or right in order to close it down.

Force Stop Applications

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Force Stop the Apps

One more way to stop applications from running in the background is force stop the applications. Yes, it is tempting to stop the force stop the apps and improving your phone’s performance. However, stopping some applications might crash your phone. Therefore, you have to carefully look which application is needed to be stopped.

Remember that do not shut down any application that has ‘Google’ associated with it for example, Google Play Services, Google Play Store, Google Keyboard and the likes. Let them run in the background and shut down the applications and games you are not actively using.

  • On the Samsung phones go to Application Manager> and force stop the applications from running in the background.
  • On LG phones the task can be done by going into Settings Menu> General> Applications>and then Scrolling the applications that are running in the background and force stopping them.
  • On Stock Android running Marshmallow or above Go to Settings> Memory> Go to Memory used by the Apps and then force stop the applications.

Permanent Solution

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Uninstall the Applications

The permanent solution to stop apps running in background is deleting them permanently.

  • On a Stock Android device Go to Settings> Apps> and uninstall the problematic application.
  • On a Samsung’s Galaxy phone Go to Settings> Applications> Application Manager> and uninstall whatever app is creating problem.
  • Apps that are pre-installed on your Android device do not have the option to uninstall. But you can disable those apps to stop them from running in background.

Task killers and RAM Boosters: Are They Good for your Phone?

There is a debate going on that task killer and RAM booster apps do nothing except spoiling your phone. The objective with which you are getting those apps is to improve your phone’s performance. Your objective is to stop apps running in background on your Android device and these apps do nothing but drain your phone’s battery faster. Because a task killer app will always be running in the background to kill and restart the apps it will surely be draining your phone’s battery more.

Use ‘Greenify’ if you’ve Rooted Your Phone

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It is a never ending debate that whether task killers are good or bad for your phone. But no one can deny the fact that a rooted device gives you more power to control your operating system. If you’re one who has chosen to root your device, you should probably give a shot to Greenify.

Greenify puts the apps into hibernation mode. This application works in two ways. First, it prevents the apps in your phone from running in the background. Second, it keeps them away from getting started until they’re being opened again. Your task is simple as all you will be doing is selecting the apps that you intend to hibernate and the rest would be done by the app itself. After using the app you will notice a substantial increase in your smartphone’s battery life and an overall improvement in your phone’s performance.

You’ve rooted your phone, Greenify is the app you can use. But what if you don’t want to root your Android device? IFTTT or Tasker might be good options for a non-rooted phone.

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If you’re new to the Android family this guide will help you investigate the apps running on your device along with letting you to stop apps from running in background. Most Android users doesn’t need to force stop the apps, but if you’re frustrated with the creepy apps running in background this guide can help you get the job done. Do some research before proceeding and let us know your experience in the comments section.

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