Check out this coolest guide and revolutionize your PC gaming experience by steaming games around the house!

The aura of gaming is revolutionizing. Yes, gaming on your personal computer is exciting, but what is even more exciting is the shift of personal computer gaming onto a brand new platform. Thanks to Value and Linux that computer gaming is being moved to your Android device. Do check out this guide as it contains all the stuff that you need to know to setup Steam Link on your Android device.  So don’t procrastinate, bother a little hassle of setting up steam link and enjoy some of the best PC games anywhere in your house.

The three necessary requirements to use steam link mobile application are a smartphone, a PC and a game controller that is Bluetooth capable. And having all these elements makes it is pretty much easy for you to start the stream.

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Steps to Stream Your PC Games on your Mobile

Following are the steps that you can follow to stream your PC games on your Android smartphone.

  1. Download the Steam Link App
  2. Enable Streaming on your Steam Account
  3. Link Your Smartphone to the Controller
  4. Launch the Steam Link Application
  5. Enter the Pin
  6. Start rolling!!

Download the Steam Link App

C:Steam Link app.png
Steam Link App

First, download the Steam Link App from the Google Play Store. Streaming, while using this app, is undoubtedly hardware intensive. So, keep in mind that low-end phones might struggle while running this app.

Enable Streaming on Your Steam Account

C:enable streaming.jpg
Enable Streaming

Once you’ve got the Steam Link app on your smartphone make sure your Steam Account is ready. Just go to the Settings menu of your Computer’s Steam Client. Next step is selecting In Home Streaming option. Now check the streaming box option to enable it. Next step is setting up a Steam Link pin with whom you will sign in.

Link Your Smartphone to the Controller

C:connect controller to smartphone.png
Connect Controller to Smartphone

This step comprises of creating a Bluetooth pairing between your smartphone and the Bluetooth capable controller. The steams Link Apps available out there support a variety of controllers. Valve’s own controllers or controllers by SteelSeries or by any renowned manufacturer are good to go.

As you know, Bluetooth options are usually there on your mobile’s Settings menu. Look for the available devices once there appears the list of detected Bluetooth devices on your smartphone. Now as the controller appears on the list of detected devices choose it and pair it with your phone.

Launch the Steam Link App

C:\launching Steam Link App.png
launching the Steam Link App

Next step is launching the Steam Link application. On your smartphone Go to the application and start scanning for the computer. As long as your smartphone and computer are on same network scanning isn’t difficult at all. When Steam Link finds your computer a pin will display on your phone.

Enter the Pin

The next step is to enter the Pin in the dialogue box appeared on your computer. Your mobile will be paired with your PC. Now, wait for a moment for the network test to get complete.

Start Rolling!!

C:\steam link games.png
Steam Link Games

Once you’ve connected to your PC you’re ready. Yes, ready to enjoy Playing games. You will be entered into a smartphone-sized Steam Picture mode version from where you can choose and play any Steam game that is already installed on your computer.

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Final Words

The Steam Link mobile application is extremely simple to set up. Its user-friendly design helps to connect and play games even if you have a wireless network connection of as low as 5 GHz. All you have to do is making the selection and launching whatever game you want to play. Although some minutest controller configurations are needed, you can easily play PC games like that you play simple android games. In short, Stream Link app is extremely handy and makes your PC gaming experience more exciting and comfortable.

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