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Apple’s most exciting phone in years, the iPhone X, is different from all the iPhones that came before it. This one of the best smartphone comes with an incredible camera, face ID recognition, a gesture based user interface and a plus sized screen in a regular iPhone body- thanks to the bezel less design.

You might have bought the new iPhone X and would be wondering what to do with this incredible machine. Since this what to do question encompasses many things except new gestures to navigate the phone, we over here have covered all the interesting tips and tricks that you want to know about the new iPhone X. These essential iPhone x tips and tricks range from a method to record Animoji to faster app switcher access to getting mastered new gestures and commands. So, have a look at these tips and tricks to take your iPhone X mastery to the next level.

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Quick App Switcher Access

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App Switcher

Since there isn’t any home button in the new iPhone X, switching between the apps can be really tricky. Apple instructs you to open the app switcher by swiping up from the bottom and then wait for the app switcher to appear.

A loophole in this method is that it is a bit slow. However,  you can invoke app switcher a bit quickly. Just swipe up at an arc either toward the left or right and make the app cards pop right up. Practice a little bit and you’ll get the app switcher to pop up quickly.

Quitting the Apps Quickly

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How to Close Apps

There’s a handy list of best free iPhone apps that you can try right now to supercharge your smartphone. On the older iPhones, the apps can be closed down by turning on the app switcher, and then swiping up the app card of the particular app that is required to close down. However, in iPhone X the case is a bit different. As swiping up the app card on iPhone X will get you back to the home screen. And that too without closing down the app.

In iPhone X, first go to the app switcher and press and hold on any app card to enter the edit mode. You can now swipe up each card to close down the respective app. However, a much faster way to close the apps is to press the red minus sign on the upper left corner of each app.

Find Battery Percentage

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Check the Battery Percentage

As you know, iOS doesn’t show battery percentage by default. You can turn it on by going in the settings app. You’ll be surprised to know that this settings option has been removed on the iPhone X. However, there isn’t any need to get frustrated as you can see the battery percentage by going into the Control Centre. What you have to do is to swipe down the upper right side of the notch and you’re directed toward the Control Centre to check the remaining battery percentage.

How to Improve Face ID’s Speed

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Speeding Up Face ID

Apple’s Face ID recognition feature is extremely fast. However, can get slowdown in the instances where you try unlocking the phone while it was there in your bag or pocket for a long period of time. You can speed up this process with these simple tips.

First step is enabling the “Raise to wake” feature by going into the Settings and then Display and Brightness. The process will save you from the manacle to waking up the screen with a tap. However, the exception is there in case you are unlocking the iPhone X while it was rested on any desk or something like that. Second way to speed up the Face ID is to swipe up the screen before the Face ID can actually see your face. This step will authenticate your face and will help you be on the home screen of your phone as early as your face gets recognized.

It is recommended keeping the “Require Attention for Face ID” feature turned on for safety. However, this setting can be turned off to authenticate your face even when you aren’t looking at your phone. You can deactivate the feature by going into Settings and then to Face ID & Passcode to turn the Require Attention for Face ID off. The process is risky, but could be helpful to unlock the phone while you’re wearing sunglasses.

Tips to Use Face ID More Accurately

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Improve Face ID Accuracy

There can be the cases where Face ID may become unresponsive when it comes to recognizing you. The reason may be any either the insufficient lighting or you might be holding the iPhone X at a weird angle. It is worth noticing that whenever the Face ID fails to recognize you, entering the passcode will improve Apple’s ”mathematical representation” of your face. Yes, it’s appealing to press the cancel button and trying again with the Face ID recognition. However, every time your phone fails to recognize your face, the failed attempt is incorporated as a fresh entry into the biometric model of a person. So, make sure to enter password as entering the passcode will enable the Face ID to recognize your face more accurately over time.

Fast Charging Setup

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Fast Charging Setup

There’s a way to charge your iPhone X real fast. You have to do nothing but to invest $49 to buy a 29W USB‑C Power Adapter. And $25 to buy Apple’s USB-C to Lightning Cable. Yes, the solution is costly, but it will get 50% of your phone charged in just 30 minutes as compared to the 5W adapter that comes with iPhone X. However, if you own a 12W USB power adapter or have an iPad adapter, you are good to go to charge your iPhone faster.

Adding a Virtual Home Button

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Add A Virtual Home Button

No home button can create it a bit difficult for you to use your iPhone X. But don’t worry as you can enable a virtual home button through the Assistive Touch Feature available on iOS. The method is extremely simple.

Just go to Settings then to General then to Accessibility and enable the Assistive Touch. After the Assistive touch is enabled, you will find a virtual home button floating on your phone’s screen.

Taking a Screenshot

C:\taking a Screenshot.png
Taking a Screenshot

Taking screenshot is different on iPhone X than its predecessors, but the method to take the screenshot isn’t difficult at all. Simply press the Volume up and Side buttons simultaneously to take a screenshot.

How to Power off the iPhone X?

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Turning off The iPhone X

The process to power off the iPhone X is a bit different from the other iPhones. You have to tap and hold the power button and press either of the volume buttons to get access to slide to power off dialogue.

An Easy Access to Control Center and Notifications

C:\control centre.jpeg
Access to Control Centre

The tall display of iPhone X does not let one  to reach the control center that easily. However, you don’t need to worry much as turning on the Reachability feature can solve your problem.

You can enable Reachability feature on iPhone X by going into Settings then to General next move to Accessibility and turn the Reachability feature on. The benefit of turning this feature on is that you can swipe from the far right edge, usually known as iPhone X’s ears, to bring down the Control Center. Moreover, swiping down from the blank part at the top of the screen can bring down the notifications.

An Easier Switching Between the Apps

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Switching Between the Apps

An easy way to switch between the recent used apps is to swipe either on the left side or on the right side on the  home indicator. This home indicator is located on the bottom of the iPhone X’s screen. This action will let you swipe back and forth the recently used apps. Moreover, you don’t have to swipe up the screen in order to invoke the app switcher.

Even though iPhone X doesn’t possess a home button, the phone allows you to perform swipe gestures on the bottom of the screen. And this method of switching between the recent used apps is easier as compared to the previous iPhones. Where double tapping the home button was a way to switch to the last used app.

Get Mastered in Making Animoji Videos

C:\Animoji Videos.jpg
Animoji Videos

Animoji feature available on iPhone X is highly addictive. Yes, the Animoji are limited to 10 seconds, but you can make the recording longer by using the built-in Screen Recording feature that is there on iOS 11.

An easy way to get the job done is that you will be tapping the App Store icon. Next step is to select the Animoji and then swipe up to use the full screen of your phone. Now open the Control Centre and enable microphone recording. And once the screen recording is done, you can edit the video in any editing app that you like.

There is also an option to send Animoji as an iMessage sticker. All you have to do is to bring up the Animoji interface. However, instead of recording, you will create the Animoji face pose and then will drag the Animoji character inside your text input box to send it as a sticker.

How to make videos Fill Entire Display of Your Phone?

C:\Screen notch to fill entire display.png
Videos Filling the Entire Display

Since iPhone presents the landscape videos in a pillarbox mode, this default setting lets you see the entire area of the video that you’re watching. There is a way to change this setting. Just double tap your screen to crop out the top and bottom edges of the video. It will let the video to fill the entire display of your iPhone X. On some apps like YouTube you can pinch out like you are zooming in on a photo.

How to Do a Hard Restart?

C:\hard reset.png
Hard Reset the iPhone X

Hard restart option is there in the case your phone become totally unresponsive. The simplest way to get the job done is to press the volume up button. Next press the volume down button. Then,   press the side button and hold it for some time. And you’ll see the Apple logo after holding the side button for approximately 10 to 15 seconds.

Improve the Battery Life

c:\improve the battery life.jpg
Improve the Battery Life

Ways to improve battery life is an extremely useful trick in our iPhone X tips and Tricks guide. One way to improve the battery life is to put your phone in low power mode. Moreover, according to appleinsider’s tests, the battery life can be extended up to 60 percent by using black wallpaper, by turning the grey scale mode on, and by inverting colors to create a dark mode.

The OLED display featured on iPhone X possesses backlit pixels across the board. These pixels, as compared to those featured in LCD displays help to conserve the power.

Do you think that any important tip is missing from our iPhone X tips and tricks guide? Let us know in the comments section and we’ll incorporate that in the article.

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