The iPhone X is about to hit the markets with its release date approaching, i.e. November 3rd. However, predictions are there that the iPhone X would be limited in supply. As KGI securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reported that there will be about 2 to 3 million iPhone X units available for launch. And according to 9to5Mac the amount seems quite less as compared to Apple’s opening weekend’s approximate sale of about 10 million phones.

KGI’s recent report points the components’ shortage Apple is facing as the circuit boards for antenna and wide angle camera, and depth sensing infrared dot projectors are in short supply. Kuo further shed light on supply challenges by reporting that initially Apple faced problems with complex circuit board as Murata- the supply partner-was unable to meet the demands.

Moreover, the manufacturing bottlenecks regarding iPhone X’s wide angle camera circuit system and infrared dot projectors are also worth mentioning as the major concern for Apple is to stay at par when it comes to win over customers with the provision of quality and not just the quantity.

The supply demand gap may create problems for Apple as customers have ignored the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus to get their hands-on the Apple’s most awaited release, i.e. the iPhone X. AT&T, the world’s largest telecommunications company, claimed that almost a million fewer upgrades have been witnessed this year. And a source even asserted that Apple has asked the iPhone 8 suppliers to reduce the production by half. So, this starved iPhone 8’s demand is signaling that iPhone X’s demand is going to be far more than expected. And those 2 to 3 million units, available during the launch, are unlikely to meet the expected demands.

Although the production of iPhone X is expected to increase after the launch as according to KGI report there would be an ample supply of circuit boards and dot projectors across November. However, despite the availability of components across November, KGI has dropped the estimated no of iPhone X units available by the end of fourth quarter to about 25 million to 30 million from the previous estimate that was ranging between 30 to 35 million.

KGI also revealed a piece of good news as it believes that the shipment would increase by 50 percent in the first quarter of 2018. Still, it doesn’t state that you will be getting the phone that easily because 2 to 3 million units are expected to go out of the Apple’s store soonest as possible. So, get ready to pre-order as soon as it goes online to save yourself from any hassle.

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