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Although both the Android and iPhone users are terribly loyal to their respective operating systems, the switching from one platform to another does happen. An Android user can get fed up with the frequent reboots. Similarly an iPhone user might want to roam out of the Apple’s walled ecosystem.

If you are one decided to switch from iPhone to Android, no one can stop you. All you have to do is cross the bridge from iOS to Android. Moreover, the whole process of shifting is either extremely tricky or ridiculously easy. All depends upon your phone’s setup. In this article, we’ll show you best possible ways to quash some common fears, and transfer important data, files and photos from iOS to Android.

Switch to the New Phone

Before switching to the new phone, you must keep in mind that the transition is not same as moving to a newer version of iPhone. Although general functions are same, both operating systems differ in many respects. Your purchased apps, investments that you’ve made to purchase docs and other accessories, and DRM protected content are not going to be compatible with your Android device.

Most important and most difficult step, I guess, is to choose the best smartphone from the ecosystem of Android phones. There are numerous phones available and new versions come very quickly. So, recommending a phone is extremely arduous as we all have different wants and needs. However, you can definitely check out our guide to buying a new smartphone that explains everything you need to know before buying a new phone.

Switch From iPhone to Android: How to transfer Contacts?

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Transferring Contacts

If you’re already using Gmail and have your contacts synced, transferring contacts from iOS to Android isn’t arduous! All you have to do is login to your Gmail account on your new Android phone and your contacts are transferred to your new device.

However, if you haven’t synced your contacts to your Gmail account, the task would be a little harder.

  • First, you have to make sure that your iPhone is backed up to iCloud. Contacts could be backed up by going to settings> iCloud and then turning on the Contacts.
  • Second, use a browser to go to your iCloud account.
  • Third, go to the Contacts section. Select contacts that you want to move to your Android device.
  • Forth, click on the gear icon and the Settings menu will pop up.
  • Next step is to “export vCard” and save that file into your computer.
  • Next, import vcf file to your phone through any possible mean. Click on the Import/Export option in Settings menu. Now navigate to the vcf file and all your iOS contacts would be synced to your Android phone.

How to Transfer Calendar from iOS to Android?

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Transferring Calendar

Your Calendar might be filled with lots of upcoming events. And if you have decided to switch from iPhone to Android, switching the calendar manually would be a tiresome task. The task is easy only if you’ve synced your calendar with your Gmail account.

However, if it isn’t the case, you can use iCloud to sync your Calendar. Follow the following steps to make your transfer easy.

  • First, login to your iCloud account. Go to Settings> iCloud and turn on the Calendar.
  • Second, use a browser to login to your iCloud account.
  • Third, go to the Calendar section and click on the Calendar interface.
  • Now click the ‘Share Calendar’ option, a new interface will pop up. Select ‘Public Calendar’. And copy the URL that is appearing.
  • Paste the URL in the address bar of your web browser. Replace webcal, appearing at the beginning of the URL with http and press enter.
  • A file will be downloaded on your computer.
  • Next step is opening the Google Calendar and login to it.
  • Select ‘import calendar’ by clicking on the ‘Other Calendars’. Once the import is finished you can see the synced Calendar on both, your Google Calendar and your Android device.

You can also sync your calendar by using SmoothSync for Cloud Calendar app. This app comes for less than 3 dollars and enables you to sync your iOS Calendar directly to your Android device.

Transfer Music from iPhone to Android

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Transfer Music

Are you going to switch from iPhone to Android and don’t want to lose your Music library? Don’t worry and follow these simple steps to sync your extensive Music list.If you’ve backed up your Music with iTunes, just copy and paste your iTunes Music library to the plugged in Android device. And you are good to go. If you’re using any 3rd party app like Spotify, just downloading the app on your Android device would get the job done.

There is one more way to copy your Music from iOS to Android phone.

  • First, install iTunes on your computer.
  • Download Google Play Music on the same computer. Install it and choose the iTunes option when it asks you to upload songs on Google Play.
  • Next step is to upload songs on Google Play from iTunes that can then be accessed from all your devices.

Switch Photos from iOS to Android

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Transfer Photos

Switching from iOS to Android doesn’t necessarily means to leave behind all your memorable photos. Neither it means that you start switching your photos manually, the process that may take hours to get completed. You can instead use Google’s photo app to sync your photos. All you have to do is signing in with your Gmail account, and backing up your photos. The photos can then be copied to your Android device by downloading the same application there.

You can also use some other 3rd party apps like Dropbox or Google Drive to transfer your photos across devices.

How to Transfer Apps?

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Transferring Apps from iPhone to Android

iOS and Android are two completely different ecosystems. Similarly App store and Google’s Play store are also two entirely different entities. Unfortunately there isn’t any way to transfer your apps from iPhone to Android. So, if you’ve spent fortunes while purchasing apps on the App Store, you might be doing the same over here, i.e. Google Play Store. One more thing that you must check before switching between the phones is that whether the apps extremely important for your phone are available on Play Store or not? Having said that, there are some incredible alternatives available on Play Store along with some best free Android apps which you can download on your new Android phone.

Say Goodbye to iMessage

Goodbye iMessage

Since iMessage doesn’t work on Android phones, disengaging yourself from iMessage is the biggest challenge you might face while shifting to Android arena. And once you’ve made the decision there isn’t any way to export those messages to an Android device. What you have to do is turning off the iMessage and FaceTime on your iPhone otherwise your text messages will be routed through iMessage.

How to Get Used to Android?

Switching from iPhone to Android isn’t as easy as to shift from one iPhone to another. The best way to get used to this entirely new ecosystem is to spend a little time over here. Just play around with launchers, widgets and security system available on Android devices. And soon you would love how Android has set you free from the shackles that iOS put on you.

Do you use any different way of transferring contacts, calendars and photos? Or have any question? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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