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Here’s a quick summary to the ways you can read deleted messages:

  1. Use “Notif Log Notification History” or “Notification History” app to read the deleted Whatsapp messages.
  2. Use third party Android launchers to get access to the deleted messages.
  3. Get direct access to the deleted messages on smartphones with ‘pure’ Android without using any application.
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Delete For Everyone Feature

Yes, WhatsApp’s “delete for everyone” feature is the biggest update after that double-blue tick update. Many of us have been waiting for a long time to getting enabled to erase messages. Despite this update has relaxed many, specifically those who are prone to sending lots of messages, the feature doesn’t seem as effective as it should be. As there is still a way to retrieve the messages after they’re being erased by the sender. Apparently iOS users aren’t prone to this impair as there isn’t any application there to register notifications.

A Spanish website, Android Jefe, has claimed that it is still possible to see the messages deleted from WhatsApp. You might have tried this new feature of deleting a message, from both sender and receiver’s phone, up to 7 minutes after sending. And you also know “This message was deleted” makes everyone in the chat a bit curious. In this guide we’ve come up with the possible ways to read those deleted messages on an Android Phone.

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Read Deleted Messages in Notification Log

The messages are usually being stored in the notification log. So, the task is nothing but to enter into the notification log to read the messages that are being deleted by the other person. One thing that is essential is that you must have a phone powered with Android 6 or above.

1. Apps that can be used to recover messages

One way to get access to notification log is through the apps that are designed with the objective to create a log of all your messages and notifications. “Notif Log Notification History” and “Notification History” are two such apps. Both of them are good to go, but you need only one of them. They work on the same pattern, but are slightly different in terms of layout. Moreover, you have to give these apps a special access if you want to get the notification data.

After downloading the app, all you will be doing is going to the log and check out the messages and notifications that are being deleted from WhatsApp.

2. Launchers that can be used to read deleted messages

For the Android users that are already using third party Android launcher apps, getting into the notification log is much easier as the user doesn’t require downloading any notification log application. Nova Launcher is one such launcher. A user can find the notification shortcut in the options of the launcher.

All you have to do is long press your home screen and select widgets. Scroll to find the settings widget. Pull that widget on your home screen. Some new options will appear to choose from, and you can choose notification log. This setting widget will directly lead you to the notification history. After opening that notification log, you can easily find all your notifications. From that notification log, you can read the deleted WhatsApp messages.

3. Get Access to the notification log without using any app

Smartphones with “pure” Android, namely Motorola and Pixel Phones, already have the settings widget there on the home screen. It is easier to find notification registry in those phones as you don’t need to download the above-mentioned apps or launchers.

Limitations Terminating the Recovery of Deleted Messages

1. Approximately first 100 characters of the deleted message will appear.

2. Since notification log saves messages for a small time period, messages that you try to read after a long period of time will not be recovered.

3. You can’t recover videos and photos deleted by the sender. Only text messages can be recovered by using the above-mentioned method. And images and videos will show the same “This message was deleted” message.

4. If you didn’t interact with the notification and notification is removed or discarded from the notification bar, system will not save the message and you will see the usual “This message was deleted” message.

5. Erasing the notification log, by using any cleaner, will also make it impossible to see the deleted message.

6. If your phone’s screen is on and you didn’t get message’s notification, you are not going to get access to the deleted message. Because notification log will only show the message whose notification was generated.

Did you try recovering deleted messages on WhatsApp? Come down to the comments section and tell us your experience.


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