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You might have experienced a distorted internet connection or have gone to a place not having internet access. The reason could be any, either a fragmented broadband cable or a long flight. To cut the story short, internet connection couldn’t always be there to enlighten your smartphone. However, an Android device having a plenty of good games can act as a rescuer in those dark places.

Yes, many great Android games, including Final Fantasy and Clash of the Clans, require proximity of Wi-Fi. But, there are definitely some best offline Android games that are functional without internet. We’ve already come up with a list of best free Android games. Depending upon what category you like, here is the list of best offline Android games ranging from strategy to racing to some brain smashing games that you can enjoy without data or Wi-Fi.

So, install these best offline games available on Google Play Store and prepare your smartphone for best offline gaming experience.

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Best Offline Strategy Games

XCOM: Enemy Within

XCOM: Enemy Within

An expansion of previously known XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Enemy Within is one of the best offline Android games available on Google Play Store. This tactical strategy game revolves around countering the aliens and enemies that aim to kill you. The game is rich graphically and requires the use of skills to fight the enemy.

The weapons and equipment, available in the game, provide the user an extra tactical edge. And an important aspect of the game is how you use these cleverly designed weapons while investigating the enemy in a forsaken fishing village. The game costs you around $10, but is free from the manacles of in app purchases. And you can also switch to the multiplayer mode whenever you get connected to Wi-Fi.

Plants vs. Zombies

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Plants vs. Zombies

One of the most popular yet addictive offline strategy games, Plants vs. Zombies takes you to the whole new world where you have to soil your plants. This crazy game lets you beat the fun-loving zombies trying to invade your yard. The gameplay is simple. You have to gather an arsenal of Plants including cherry bombs, peashooters, etc. to protect your home. The daily tasks can be completed within a given time frame in order to collect rewards and awards. This Editor’s Chosen strategy game is being downloaded 100 Million times. And definitely deserves a place in our list of best offline Android games.

No Wi-Fi Android Games for Racing Geeks

Asphalt 8: Airborne

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Asphalt 8 Airborne

A front runner among the mobile racing games, Asphalt 8 is one of the best gravity-defying arcade games. The game is adorned with stunning graphics, dream cars and bikes. Moreover, it features over 190 speed machines, over 40 high-speed tracks, and a huge number of playing options for both single and multiplayer racing experience. The game is there in the list of best offline android games because of its able to satisfy the passion for speed with extremely hilarious jumps and deadly drifts. So, what else to ask for when a free game is providing such an astounding speed experience?

CSR Racing 2


The second edition of the number one drag racing series, CSR Racing 2 is the best game to play offline. The game offers an incredible racing experience that is adorned with some of the insane graphics. KOTAKU has called the game “unbelievably good looking”. Whereas, POLYGOIN believes that the game obliterates the line between mobile and console graphics. The game can be played without internet, but when connected to Wi-Fi, it allows challenging friends and racing enthusiasts around the globe.

Asphalt Nitro

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Asphalt Nitro

The offline racing superstar, Asphalt Nitro, is a dynamic racing game. The game allows you to drive the elite sports cars of your dreams. Moreover, the game is considered a milestone in the genre of endless arcade racing games. Asphalt Nitro, a game with a small 35MB package, is great when you don’t want to invest a lot of time as it allows you to play some quick sessions.

Best offline Puzzle Games

Hitman Go

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Hitman Go

Square Enix’s super hit Puzzle game, Hitman Go requires the player to move to the other side of the game board. The gameplay is to strategically navigate to the fixed spaces, while the objective is to avoid enemies. The great thing about the Hitman Go, besides being an offline game, is the Hitman tools including sniper rifles, distractions, iconic silverballs, etc. Beautiful visuals, challenging puzzles, different enemy’s types, and different ways of completing the levels make the game a definite addition to our list of best offline Android games.

Cut the Rope: Magic

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Cut the Rope Magic

An imperative puzzle game, Cut the Rope: Magic is a sure addition to our list of best offline games. The gameplay is about resolving the puzzles with the objective to help Om Nom –the monster- to eat the candy. Great thing about the game is the availability of numerous levels, transformations, and power ups that saves you spending fortunes on in-app purchases. So, download the game now and start cracking some mind blowing puzzles along with killing your time.

Top Action Games to Play Offline

Alto’s adventure

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Alto’s Adventure

A compelling action packed thriller, Alto’s Adventure has made snowboarding odyssey different altogether. WIRED has called Alto’s never ending journey, across ancient woodlands, villages, and mountains “A piece of interactive art”. The Verge has called Alto’s Adventure as one of the best mobile games. The gameplay is simple as you have to guide Alto and friends down the mountain with simple one touch controls. The mind boggling soundtrack and aesthetically appealing visuals make Alto’s Adventure a super hit offline game. So, download the game and enjoy an ultimate gaming experience.

Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions

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The game is another chapter of the award winning Geometry Wars’ series. Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions is an enthralling action game that can be played offline. Game offers both 2D and 3D modes and revolves around attacking as many enemies as possible. The game consists 12 battle modes, approximately over 100 levels, 6 unique companion drones, and 5 devastating super abilities. All you have to pay is $9.99 for the initial purchase, but the good part is that the game doesn’t have any in app purchase fiasco.

Crossy Road

Crossy Road

Undoubtedly a finest freebie on Play Store, Crossy Road is the best action game to play offline. No one can deny the fact that the game is both simple and gorgeous at the same time. Moreover, this arcade venture is a super hit production of Hipster Whale. The riddle joke “Why did the chicken cross the road?” is being used to develop the game. The gameplay is quite simple. You have to run as far as you can and that too without losing your life. The characters of the game can be downloaded by collecting more and more coins. So, enjoy a never-ending runner journey by downloading the number one viral hit from Hipster Whale.

Best Arcade Games to Play without Internet

Smash Hit

Smash Hit

Based upon a futuristic design, Smash Hit is one of the best offline Android games. This huge super hit of the Play Store takes you to a journey where you smash everything that comes in your path. The music varies as you travel. Moreover, the player doesn’t stop due to any obstacle, but because of losing the life. The game doesn’t include adds. So, you can enjoy the leisure to play this all-time hit arcade game without any interruption. Extra goodies are also there. But, you can purchase them by spending some extra money.

Brothers in Arms 3

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Brothers in Arms 3

An action packed arcade game, Brothers in Arms 3 is for those who want to enjoy an ultimate shooting experience. The game features eye catching visuals, a unique single player squad based combat, various kinds of missions including sniper, stealth and more, and some unique weapons. You can choose either the single or the multiplayer mode. And the best part about the game is that it can be played offline. So, what else you need when you have this game to kill your time.

Best RPGs to Play Offline

Planescape: Torment: Enhanced Edition

Planescape Torment

A timeless classic, Planescape Torment is a splendid role playing game that can be played without an internet connection. According to Touch Arcade, “Planescape: Torment stands tall as a landmark masterpiece that can continue to age gracefully”. Gameplay is simple as you have to explore the planes, survive combat, and to solve puzzles, something quiet unlike for the genre of this game. The game runs for approximately 30 to 40 hours. So, download this game and let yourself sink into Beamdog’s one of the classic RPG.

Top Offline Adventure Games



A design master piece without a doubt, Crashlands is a game that drops your heroes on a mysterious planet. The objective of the game is to uncover deadly secrets and bosses, make new friends, grow in power and defeat your enemies. The game also features self-managing infinite inventory, a little humor and several craftable items. Crashlands features offline play and comes for $4.99. Moreover, the game is free from in app purchases.



This game is undoubtedly a masterpiece. Minecraft is all about placing blocks to build different things including both simple homes and grand castles. The game doesn’t contain any story, but it is all about how creatively you build and mine. This offline adventure game can be downloaded for $6.99 and doesn’t contain any in-app purchases.

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If you fell we’ve missed any important game, do notify us in the comments below. And we’ll incorporate that in the article.

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